WESOUND starts theme partnership with CultureInvest! Congress 2018

WESOUND is sponsor of the Culture-Invest! Congress 2018

For the first time WESOUND is participating in the CultureInvest! Congress as a theme partner for cultural brands. From 12th to 13th November in Berlin it will be all about the positive interaction between aesthetics and efficiency of cultural brands with a special focus on the design of audiovisual touch points. In cooperation with the event organizers Causales, WESOUND has arranged a program with renowned experts to highlight the subject from different aspects. In the panel discussion the referees will discuss how this is also relevant for city marketing.

CultureInvest! Congress | Forum „cultural brands“
Program 13th November 2018

Sound Culture and Auditive Brand Staging
Carl-Frank Westermann, CEO of WESOUND GmbH

SEAT Urban Culture – Street Culture
Susanne Franz, Global Marketing Director SEAT

SmartSquare – Urban Cultural Storytelling Lab
Prof. Jens Bley, Founder eCultureLab@HCU

BTHVN2020 – „Beethoven Discovery Year“
Christian Lorenz, Artistic Director, Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH

Digital partnership Staatsoper Unter den Linden & BMW
Matthias Schulz, Director of Staatsoper Unter den Linden

Soundscapes – Cultural Landscapes are Sound Landscapes
Dr. Cornelius Ringe, CEO of WESOUND GmbH

Podium discussion
Urban Sound Culture. Sighthearing – what are the audible highlights of your city?
Participants: Referees of the theme forum

More program information can be found here.

Download the congress program here.