The Manner Sound Logo at the TRANSFORM AWARD EUROPE 2017

We proudly announce that our sound logo for Manner is on the short list of the TRANSFORM AWARD EUROPE 2017 in the category „Best use of audio branding“. 

The TRANSFORM AWARD honors the best works in brand development and rebranding.

We keep our fingers crossed and are looking forward to an exciting awards ceremony in London on March 30. 


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The new audiovisual Logo for DLD

The DLD Conference is the most influential platform for innovation and technology in Europe. Five conferences are taking place every year under the slogan „Connecting the unexpected“ to give pioneers and decision makers of the digital economy a platform to network and to exchange knowledge and experiences.
WESOUND created for DLD an audiovisual Logo, which is going to be used especially as an opener in DLD-Videos.
Curtains up for the new DLD Brand Sound…
For more information about DLD klick on the link below:
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WESOUND is one of the winners of the German Design Award 2017

German-Design-Award: The Winners – Manner Sound Logo →


WESOUND under the winners of the German Design Award 2017

WESOUND has been honoured an award for excellent design of the Manner sound logo

The Rat für Formgebung / Council of the German Design Award has awarded WESOUND’s work for the Josef Manner & Comp AG. The sound logo, developed from Manner’s brand values, has convinced the jury for its appeal and radiance to the brand’s audiovisual communication.

See and hear Manner 

WESOUND focused on Manner’s brand values to create the awarded sound logo: Viennese tradition, the close bond to St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the attributes cordiality and lightness. The result is a violin pizzicato melody that is reminiscent of a waltz following the ringing of the famous “Pummerin” bell. The sound logo is the auditory equivalent to the Manner product packaging (Vienna, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Neapolitan wafers and the colours pink and blue). 

Carl-Frank Westermann, CEO of WESOUND: “We feel honoured to be recognised by the GDA’s international jury for our creative work of the Manner sound logo. In all brevity, the sound logo communicates the essence of the brand. It is both authentic and timeless and reflects the acoustic identity of the brand Manner. In combination with the visual brand elements the sound unfolds its complete emotional effect and sharpens the brand profile sustainably.“

The award ceremony will take place on 10th February 2017 as part of the AMBIENTE in Frankfurt am Main.

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The top 10 of music and sound in advertising



In his interview about music and sound with W&V, Carl-Frank-Westermann talks about the importance of using sound for the holistic production of a TV commercial.

Furthermore, the founder of the Sound Agency WESOUND in Berlin reveals his top ten of music and sound in advertising.

Besides the commercial of Hornbach “Du lebst. Erinnerst du dich”, he also refers to legendary classics like the “Procon Ten” commercial from the eighties from Audi.


Listen and see more here:

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Ropes away or „Leinen Los“, as you say in Hamburg – This is how the Reeperbahn Festival sounds

There’s no better way to sound the bells für a music festival than with an own sound. Together with WESOUND the Reeperbahn Festival has created their own brand sound audible through an Intro and Outro.

The sound concept „Leinen Los“ for the brand Reeperbahn Festival is related to the historical roots of the notorious Reeperbahn, derived from the cordmakers, also called „Reeperschläger“. The Reeperbahn Festival als throws out the ropes to bring in new international music from across the world. If you listen carefully you can hear how the ropes are thrown out and pulled back amidst the applause of the festival visitors.

The new Intro- and Outro will already be used this year for the audio podcasts of the Reeperbahn Festival and can be accessed at and The new sound can also be heard in the Reeperbahn Festival’s Arts Audio Guide and is integrated in their app which will guide you through the festival days.

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