WESOUND loves NEPOS | Crowdfunding campaign for the launch of NEPOS 1

WESOUND loves NEPOS, the tablet for the generation 65+. As we see a great potential here and think the NEPOS team is not only very nice but also very talented and professional, we have been supporting NEPOS from the start. WESOUND has developed UI sounds for the digital device which give orientation and thus optimize the user experience.

Let’s now support the launch of the NEPOS 1 and the crowdfunding campaign on Companisto together. Let’s make the digital world more accessible for elderly people!

Companisto Campaign, starting May, 29th at 12pm:



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Nepos Radio Spots

nepos_940px_header_RZ01Nepos radio spot series „Ageing with Joy“ by Wesound

Nepos has developed a tablet for the generation 60+. For their radio commercials, Wesound playfully explores the limitations that come with age. The target group of the spots “Ageing with Joy” are the 30 to 50 year olds, so the children and grandchildren of the 60+ generation.


The speakers are an old man and an old woman, with a zest for life and a great sense of humour.  Like in a game of improvisation theatre, they shout out words that the other reacts to in a flash. The two are in a good mood and sometimes laugh about their own jokes.

Ageing comes with a lot of restrictions but with Nepos N1, the Internet becomes one of the things that no longer present a hurdle. The tablet is clear, easy to operate and fun. Access to the digital world creates new experiences for the generation 60+ and moments of happiness.

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Keynote on „Customer Journey Mapping“ at Berlin School of Economics and Law







Our colleague Felix Urban was invited as a guest speaker at the „Online Marketing“ course of the new international masters programme “Marketing Management” at the “Berlin School of Economics and Law” (HWR Berlin). On invitation of lecturer Annalies Beck, Felix Urban gave insight into his practical experience of working with the “Customer Journey Mapping” method as a tool for “User Experience Research” and Marketing planning. The lecture took place on January 22nd 2018. It included a keynote and discussion with the students.

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WESOUND sucht Verstärker/in

Für unser Büro in Hamburg suchen wir ab sofort:

• Junior Projektmanager/in im Bereich Marketing

• Praktikant/in im Bereich Marketing/Kommunikation

Wir bieten Projekte an der Schnittstelle Marke, Musik, Kommunikation, Event, Produktentwicklung.

Weitere Informationen schicken wir euch gerne zu. Bitte schreibt uns einfach eine E-Mail.



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Covestro „Pushing boundaries to make the world a brighter place“

COVESTRO is the world-leading supplier of high-tech polymer materials for key industries.
The innovative solutions push the boundaries of what’s possible – to make the world a brighter place.
The positioning “Pushing Boundaries” is intriguingly being highlighted in the image film.
WESOUND developed the sound logo and was responsible for the speaker casting and the voice over of the image film.
COVESTRO’s brand values “Curious”, “Courageous” and “Colourful” set the tone for the creative concept and production.
The sound logo is now in use in various company films and media.

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WESOUND Christmas Baking

The WESOUND team wishes you all a healthy and happy holiday season with family and loved ones! May your days be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year. Turn up the volume and listen to the sound of our Cantuccini

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In our shared WESOUND office with a stunning view over the roofs of the city of Hamburg we offer the following:
• A lockable room with 3 work stations and 17 square meters
• Work stations in the open space

All at very fair terms.

Address: Burchardstr. 21, 20095 Hamburg
Subway: Meßberg or Mönckebergstr. or Main station

If you’re interested please contact us for further information: 
info (at) wesound (.) de


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Our colleague Felix Urban from WESOUND now lecturer at the FH Dortmund

“Master of Arts in Sound” is a new Master’s Program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund with a focus on

• Advertisement (Sound Branding)
• Ecologic design (Acoustic Design / Soundscape Composition)
• and industry (Product Sound Design).

This semester, Felix Urban will teach a module “Product Sound Design & Sound Branding”. Learning objectives: In this seminar theoretical basics, strategic solutions and productions within the area of applied Sound Design will be developed. In individual work and in team work the participants will run through a practical project process in the development of Brand Sound Identity. The result will be presented on a conceptual and auditory level.

Further information on the curriculum „Master of Arts in Sound“.


Felix Urban



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