Nepos Radio Spots

nepos_940px_header_RZ01Nepos radio spot series „Ageing with Joy“ by Wesound

Nepos has developed a tablet for the generation 60+. For their radio commercials, Wesound playfully explores the limitations that come with age. The target group of the spots “Ageing with Joy” are the 30 to 50 year olds, so the children and grandchildren of the 60+ generation.


The speakers are an old man and an old woman, with a zest for life and a great sense of humour.  Like in a game of improvisation theatre, they shout out words that the other reacts to in a flash. The two are in a good mood and sometimes laugh about their own jokes.

Ageing comes with a lot of restrictions but with Nepos N1, the Internet becomes one of the things that no longer present a hurdle. The tablet is clear, easy to operate and fun. Access to the digital world creates new experiences for the generation 60+ and moments of happiness.