11 Innovations in Acoustics: Future Trends in Industry and Modern Life

JOANNEUM RESEARCH_Alpbach 2014_00_Gruppenbild

JOANNEUM RESEARCH_Alpbach 2014_31_Westermann

At the European Forum Alpbach 2014 (August 22, 2014) Carl-Frank Westermann discussed with top experts Karlheinz Brandenburg, Dario Luisi, Alois Schedl, Heinz Mayer, Stephan Bohlen and Jost Bernasch about „11 Innovations in Acoustics: Future Trends in Industry and Modern Life“.

Human beings are permanently exposed to acoustic signals. Pleasant or disturbing, informative or distracting, they influence our behaviour and feelings. Technological innovations especially in the area of acoustics – from the design of distinctive sounds to noise reduction and the optimisation of products and production processes – require interdisciplinarity and increasingly the inclusion of humanities, social and cultural sciences. These interactions and upcoming challenges in the area of mobility, industrial applications as well as humans and culture were discussed.

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